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Thank you for visiting OSSTEM IMPLANT’s website.

Dental implantation has become a critical element of dental treatment particularly due to the aging of the population, rising incomes, the growing interest in health, and esthetic appreciation among other factors.

To partake in this global phenomenon, OSSTEM IMPLANT has consistently expanded in R&D investment to deliver the most innovative and premier quality of dental implant products. As a result, we are confident that our technology and quality are among the best in the world. In addition, in collaboration with Osstem AIC, we have conducted world class implantology courses across the world, which have aided in improving the clinical understanding of dental implantation and popularizing its treatment.

As one of the fastest growing implant manufacturers in the world, Osstem implants are currently used in over 70 countries, including USA, China, Korea, Japan, Germany, India, Chile and many others. In 2014, OSSTEM IMPLANT has posted sales of 230 million USD, growth rate of 14.6% from previous year. As a result, we are currently 1st in the Asia-Pacific and 5th globally in dental implant market. We will not stop here but continue to challenge ourseleves and work ceaselessly to become ‘World’s No. 1” implant company.

OSSTEM IMPLANT will continually strive to provide most excellent support to our valued clients by strengthening customer service and offering new and improved educational programs. Furthermore, we will actively pursue our key management goal of “bettering the livelihood and health of all” and become the forerunner in setting the global standard in the field of dental implantation.

Thank you very much.